Laminated Menus



How Our Lamination Works

Our crystal clear lamination can handle any spill or accident that can happen on a table top. They are easily cleaned and can last for years. Our 10 mil lamination is thick and gives your menu a rigid feel and unbeatable durability. Our menus use the clearest lamination that won’t make your pages cloudy or dull. All of our laminated menus have rounded corners to avoid cuts when your patrons turn the page. So don’t stress the mess because the lamination on our menus ensures your menu can be used for years.

• Thick 10 mil crystal clear lamination

• Can withstand any spill or accident

• Rigid Construction feels solid

• Enhances vibrant colors of the menu page without cloudiness

• Allows the menu to last for years


Spiral Bound: Our classic method of menu construction with spiral bound pages with lamination.

Flat Menu: A great choice for a tabletop or bar menu that offers limited choices. The durable lamination can allow these menus to stay on the table during the customer’s stay and withstand any spill or accident.