Get Acquainted with Our Menus

Your dine-in menu should excite your customers with your delicious meals. We build our menus in a variety of ways to suit your restaurant’s atmosphere. Every dine-in menu is custom built by our designers to be a companion to your environment and guide customers to their scrumptious options.

We offer a variety of Dine-In menus that have unique advantages depending on your needs. Our spiral bound menus are printed on special paper and is laminated with crystal clear 10mil lamination. If you want a non-laminated option, we have Folded Tear Proof menus that use tear-proof and water-proof paper that can withstand spills and drips. Another choice is our Insert Menus which can easily be swapped with new pages for restaurants that frequently update their menu. No matter which look you choose, you can be sure it will make your tabletops more inviting for your guests.

• Full Bleed Prints

• 10 Mil Lamination

• Rounded Corners

• Spiral Bound

• Tear-Proof/Water-Proof

• Textured Paper

• Highest Quality Paper

• Convenient and Efficient

• Designed to Fit Any Size

• Great for Restaurants with Frequent Menu Updates

• Great for Smaller Menus

• 10 Mil Lamination

• Rounded Corners

• Very Versatile